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For the last 35 years, Atemis has produced for the body parts aftermarket segment. We make outer and inner door handles, window handle, ignition and door cylinders, doorstop, door lock, window vent lock, door hinge, flasher cover, horn actuator and spare parts in general.

Atemis also provides services to other companies for metal injection (Zamac and Aluminum) and polymers injection (Nylon, PP, PE and Acetal) within 300 tons of closing. 

We provide for all Brazilian market and other South America countries, United States, Europe, Africa and Asia.

All our products are submitted to a strict quality and selection control.

Our Quality Policy is based on:

Our company’s quality policy states: “to improve continuously the production and commercialization of metal injection and thermoplastics, machining and assembly in general, looking to attend the requirements and the customer satisfaction”. 

The quality policy foundations are:

  • To perfect the process of industrial maintenance;
  • To develop the competences and consciousness of our collaborators to the product quality focusing on the customer’s needs;
  • To keep our suppliers’ performance at a high quality level;
  • To improve continuously the quality and agility of our production;
  • To ensure the satisfaction of our customers;
  • To keep the SGQ performance at a high quality level.