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We currently manufacture more than 900 items, for all models of national cars and trucks.

We serve the aftermarket throughout Brazil and export to countries around the world.


We are specialized in metal injection (zamac and aluminum) and polymer injection.

Our machines have a capacity of up to 300 tons of closing.

In addition to our manufacturing items, we also supply to companies such as:

Metagal Indústria e Comercio LTDA.

Arteb Industries S/A

Comap do Brasil LTDA.

Ficosa do Brasil LTDA.

Consult us and make a budget.



Our sales team is made up of sales representatives and our telesales department.

They work in all states of Brazil and are at your disposal.

Get in touch with us and find out which service option you prefer.


We have highly qualified and experienced professionals, who will clarify any doubts regarding our manufacturing items, such as handling, applied raw material, finishing, problems in operation, etc...

They will also guide us on the best way to produce items that we sell to third parties (Injection of metals and polymers, machining and assembly).